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Rolls-Royce Leasing & Lease Return FAQs

What are my payment options?

If you have a final payoff amount you need to make on your Rolls-Royce lease, you can pay using a bank account, credit card, cash or by phone or mail. There may be additional fees depending on which form of payment you choose.

How much does it cost to lease a Rolls-Royce?

Of course, as with any luxury vehicle lease, costs vary. Check for available Rolls-Royce special offers near you and use our lease or loan payment calculator tool to get an estimate. Best yet, contact a salesperson at your Rolls-Royce dealership to request an accurate price quote.

What credit score do I need to lease a Rolls-Royce?

To get approved for a car loan or Rolls-Royce lease, you should have a fairly high credit or FICO score. This isn't always a necessity, however, as some Rolls-Royce shoppers can still finance or lease a luxury vehicle with an average credit history and large down payment.

Again, discuss your options with a Rolls-Royce sales representative to get a clearer picture. 

Do I have any additional fees? 

Possibly. If you accrued more miles than what your lease terms allow for, then you may owe more money on top of your lease agreement. If your Rolls-Royce lease has more than typical wear and use damage, you may have to pay other fees.

Contact Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Miami to find out more about lease return fees. 

Can you waive fees for wear and tear?

With Rolls-Royce Lease Protection, you may be able to have some of your charges and fee penalties waived. This includes up to $7,500 in excess wear-and-tear charges, with no deductible.

Coverage exclusions apply, so it's best to speak with a Rolls-Royce dealer near you before leasing a Phanton, Ghost, Cullinan, or any other new Rolls-Royce model

Do you provide Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)?

GAP coverage on total losses (due to accidents, theft or natural disasters) is available with every Rolls-Royce lease. This will waive the difference between what your insurance covers and the remainder of your lease balance, up to $50,000.

Always consult your GAP Addendum for details, as programs and coverage vary by dealer and state.

Should I schedule a Rolls-Royce lease return appointment?

When you're nearing your Rolls-Royce lease maturity date, you can schedule a Rolls-Royce lease return appointment. We can set you up with a Rolls-Royce lease inspection to see if there are any additional fees that need to be applied, and you can begin discussions about your Rolls-Royce end-of-lease options.

Do I need to return my Rolls-Royce lease to the same Rolls-Royce dealer?

You do not have to return your leased Rolls-Royce to the same dealership from which you leased - unless that is stipulated in your Rolls-Royce lease contract.

However, if you lease a Rolls-Royce in South Florida, it's in your best interest to return your vehicle to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Miami. We're the only Rolls-Royce dealer in Miami, and one of only six authorized Rolls-Royce dealers in the state of Florida.

Can I return a Rolls-Royce early?

Yes, you can certainly return your leased Rolls-Royce early, though you may be required to pay an early-termination fee. In some cases, especially if you're nearing lease-end, it's better to continue making lease payments until that maturity date.

If you must return your Rolls-Royce lease early because you've been disabled or deployed overseas, ask your Rolls-Royce dealer to go over your lease-end options.